SNES Mario Circuit 3

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Mario Circuit 3 is a retro race track from Super Mario Kart. It is the last track of the Flower Cup. The track later reappeared in the Extra Cups of Mario Kart: Super Circuit, as the first track of the Lightning Cup in Mario Kart Wii, in Mario Kart Tour, and as the second track of the Turnip Cup in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Original Version
GBA Version
Wii Version
Tour Version
Switch Version

Other than the Nintendo version, there are currently two versions available:

Names in Other Languages

Chinese (Traditional): SFC 瑪利歐賽道3
Chinese (Simplified): SFC 马力欧赛道3
Dutch: SNES Mario's Circuit 3
French (PAL): SNES Circuit Mario 3
French (NTSC): SNES Circuit Mario 3
German: SNES Marios Piste 3
Italian: SNES Circuito di Mario 3
Japanese: SFC マリオサーキット3
Korean: SFC 마리오 서킷 3
Portuguese (PAL): SNES Circuito do Mario 3
Portuguese (NTSC): SNES Circuito Mario 3
Russian: SNES Трасса Марио 3
Spanish (PAL): SNES Circuito Mario 3
Spanish (NTSC): SNES Circuito de Mario 3