Mario Kart: Super Circuit

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Mario Kart: Super Circuit
Cover: Mario Kart Super Circuit Box Cover.jpg
Developer: Intelligent Systems
Publisher: Nintendo
Platforms: GBA, 3DS, Wii U
Date of release:
  • NTSC-J: 2001-07-21
  • NTSC-U: 2001-08-27
  • PAL: 2001-09-14
  • AUS: 2001-09-13


Mario Kart: Super Circuit is the third game in the Mario Kart series from Nintendo. It was first released for the Game Boy Advance (GBA, AGB) in 2001, and was the sixth bestselling title for the system. Mario Kart: Super Circuit utilizes Mode 7 graphics for its levels, while using sprites for characters and items. It also was the first handheld version of Mario Kart and the first to include retro tracks from previous entries in the series as it included all of the original Super Mario Kart courses.



Character Listing
Character Name
File:MKSC Mario.png Mario
File:MKSC Luigi.png Luigi
File:MKSC Peach.png Peach
File:MKSC Toad.png Toad
File:MKSC Yoshi.png Yoshi
File:MKSC Donkey Kong.png Donkey Kong
File:MKSC Wario.png Wario
File:MKSC Bowser.png Bowser


Track Listing
Cup Track
MKSC Mushroom Cup.png
Mushroom Cup
Peach Circuit
Shy Guy Beach
Riverside Park
Bowser Castle 1
MKSC Flower Cup.png
Flower Cup
Mario Circuit
Boo Lake
Cheese Land
Bowser Castle 2
MKSC Lightning Cup.png
Lightning Cup
Luigi Circuit
Sky Garden
Cheep-Cheep Island
Sunset Wilds
MKSC Star Cup.png
Star Cup
Snow Land
Ribbon Road
Yoshi Desert
Bowser Castle 3
MKSC Special Cup.png
Special Cup
Lakeside Park
Broken Pier
Bowser Castle 4
Rainbow Road
MKSC Mushroom Cup.png
Extra Mushroom Cup
Mario Circuit 1
Donut Plains 1
Ghost Valley 1
Bowser Castle 1
MKSC Flower Cup.png
Extra Flower Cup
Mario Circuit 2
Choco Island 1
Ghost Valley 2
Donut Plains 2
MKSC Lightning Cup.png
Extra Lightning Cup
Bowser Castle 2
Mario Circuit 3
Koopa Beach 1
Choco Island 2
MKSC Star Cup.png
Extra Star Cup
Vanilla Lake 1
Bowser Castle 3
Mario Circuit 4
Donut Plains 3
MKSC Special Cup.png
Extra Special Cup
Koopa Beach 2
Ghost Valley 3
Vanilla Lake 2
Rainbow Road
Battle Listing
Battle Course 1
Battle Course 2
Battle Course 3
Battle Course 4