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Platform Notice
This article is about Mario Kart 8 for Wii U. It's likely that Mario Kart 8 Deluxe uses the same or a very similar file format, but this was not verified.

In Mario Kart 8, MKTV Replay Data is stored in DAT-files. These files contain recordings of races or battles. The 12 most recent replays are stored in the common save folder. Up to 6 replays can be favourited. Favourited replays are stored in a user's save folder instead.


Like ghost data, MKTV Replays also encode some of their data in their filenames. The data stored for each of the 12 players is identical. If there are less than 12 players, the filename is padded with mostly values of ff.

MKTV Replay Filename
Offset (#characters) Size (#characters) Description
0 2 Ghost Type. Always "rp".
2 2 Replay Number. The most recent replays in the common folder are numbered 0-11. Favourited replays are numbered separately from 0-5.
4 2 Track ID.
6 15 Unknown.
21 Player 1 Driver Data.
21 2 Character ID.
23 2 Character Variant ID. Only used for Yoshi, Shy Guy, and Mii (standard or Amiibo suit).
25 2 Vehicle Body ID.
27 2 Tires ID.
29 2 Glider ID.
31 2 Possibly a CPU-marker. Always seems to be 28 for CPUs. Usually 08 for human players, but a value of 09 was seen as well (for a race with the Mii character). A value of 88 is used if the driver slot is unused. A motion control flag or Mii weight class could be embedded here too, as those are also located in ghost data filenames.
33 12 Player 2 Driver Data.
45 12 Player 3 Driver Data.
57 12 Player 4 Driver Data.
69 12 Player 5 Driver Data.
81 12 Player 6 Driver Data.
93 12 Player 7 Driver Data.
105 12 Player 8 Driver Data.
117 12 Player 9 Driver Data.
129 12 Player 10 Driver Data.
141 12 Player 11 Driver Data.
153 12 Player 12 Driver Data.
165 5 Probably Padding. Always 0.
170 12 End of filename; ".dat" extension here.


MKTV Replay Header
Offset Size Description
0x00 4 "CTR0" in ASCII. Unknown abbreviation. 'R' likely stands for 'Replay'.
0x04 4 Unknown. Likely game version.
0x08 4 File Size (in bytes).
0x0c 44 Probably Padding (always 0)
0x38 4 Unknown
0x3c 4 CRC-32 Checksum over all bytes after this header until the end of the file.
0x40 8 Probably Padding (always 0)
0x48 End of header


This section is a WIP. It is likely that MKTV replays use a similar format as ghost data, of which is still a lot unknown. It is probably easier to decode that first before attempting to dive further into MKTV replays.

However, the following data must also be stored in replays, but is likely not stored in ghost data:

  • Number of points scored this race/battle, or player VR/BR
  • Team indicator (blue vs red vs solo)
  • Battle indicator (VS/GP mode vs battle mode)


When a replay is created, the timestamp from the user's local time is used and included in the replay data.

Offset Size Description
0x54 4 Year.
0x58 4 Month.
0x5c 4 Day.
0x60 4 Day of Week, with 0x00 being Sunday.
0x64 4 Hour.
0x68 4 Minute.
0x6c 4 Second.
0x70 End of timestamp

Driver Data

Each player's character and vehicle combination are stored in consecutive 0x1c byte sized blocks. This format is the same for all twelve players. If there are less than 12 players, the data for missing players is mostly zeroed out.

Individual Driver Data
Offset Size Description
0x74 4 Vehicle Body ID.
0x78 4 Tires ID.
0x7c 4 Glider ID.
0x80 4 Character ID.
0x84 1 Character Variant ID Only used for Yoshi, Shy Guy, and Mii (standard or Amiibo suit).
0x85 1 Mii Weight Class. Only used for Mii (standard or Amiibo suit).
0x86 2 Probably Padding (always 0).
0x88 4 Possibly CPU Flag. 0x00 for human, 0x02 for CPU, 0x04 for no driver.
0x8c 4 Probably Padding (always 0).
0x90 End of individual driver data
Driver Data
Offset Description
0x78 Player 1
0x90 Player 2
0xac Player 3
0xc8 Player 4
0xe4 Player 5
0x100 Player 6
0x11c Player 7
0x138 Player 8
0x154 Player 9
0x170 Player 10
0x18c Player 11
0x1a8 Player 12
0x1c4 End of driver data

Course Info

Course Info
Offset Size Description
0x1c4 4 Track ID.
0x1c8 End of course info

Driver Count

Driver count
Offset Size Description
0x1f0 4 Number of Drivers (includes CPUs).
0x1f4 End of driver count

Player Data

The Mii and name of each player are stored in consecutive 0x100 byte sized blocks. Each block of player data has an identical format to that of the Mii Info block for ghost data. The format below is the same for all 12 players. If there are less than 12 players, the data for missing players is zeroed out.

Individual Player Data
Offset Size Description
0x268 8 Unknown.
0x270 92 Mii Data. See full description on 3dsbrew. Note that the embedded Mii name is in UTF-16 (little Endian). For CPU Players, a no name Mii is used.
0x2cc 2 Probably Padding.
0x2ce 2 CRC-16 XMODEM Checksum of the Mii Data and additional padding.
0x2d0 1 Player Country ID.
0x2d1 1 Player Sub-region ID.
0x2d2 2 Probably Padding (always 0).
0x2d4 1 Player Country ID repeat (purpose unknown).
0x2d5 1 Player Sub-region ID repeat (purpose unknown).
0x2d6 80 Unknown.
0x330 20 Mii Name in UTF-16 big Endian. In local play this is the name of the character a player or CPU is playing as. In online play, this is the name of the Mii a player is using.
0x344 36 Unknown (mostly 0).
0x368 End of individual player data
Player Data
Offset Description
0x268 Player 1
0x368 Player 2
0x468 Player 3
0x568 Player 4
0x668 Player 5
0x768 Player 6
0x868 Player 7
0x968 Player 8
0xa68 Player 9
0xb68 Player 10
0xc68 Player 11
0xd68 Player 12
0xe68 End of player data