GCN Wario Colosseum

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Wario Colosseum is a retro race track from Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. It is the first track of the Special Cup.

Original Version

Currently, there is one version in progress:

Names in Other Languages

Chinese (Traditional): -
Chinese (Simplified): -
Dutch: GCN Wario's Colosseum
French (PAL): GCN Arène Wario
French (NTSC): GCN Arène Wario
German: GCN Wario-Kolosseum
Italian: GCN Colosseo di Wario
Japanese: GC ワリオコロシアム
Korean: GC 와리오 콜로세움
Portuguese (PAL): GCN Coliseu Wario
Portuguese (NTSC): GCN Coliseu Wario
Russian: GCN Колизей Варио
Spanish (PAL): GCN Coliseo Wario
Spanish (NTSC): GCN Coliseo Wario