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This article describes the filesystems of the Wii U version of Mario Kart 8. For the Switch version, go to »Filesystem (Switch)«.

Main Game + Updates

This filesystem contains the base game, plus all downloadable updates for the game, which ended with v4.1. (Explanation about how the Wii U updates are applied and how we merged them here)

The base game of Mario Kart 8 has 3 different releases. Japanese (NTSC-J), American (NTSC-U), and European (PAL). All 3 base games contain identical files and filesystems (apart from app.xml, meta.xml and manual.bfma), even including language files that can never normally be used on that version. Updates, however, only included the needed language for that specific release. The file system, file sizes, and file list will be based on the Japanese release, but it can be assumed that it is the same for the other releases unless otherwise noted.


List of sub directories of the game Root:


This filesystem contains the DLC content that can be purchased separately on the Nintendo eShop. (Explanation about how the DLC is applied/unlocked here)

The 3 DLC releases are all 100% identical (apart from app.xml and meta.xml). The DLC filesystem only contains the track data for the DLC tracks. Everything else like DLC vehicles, characters, 200cc data and DLC track music is stored as a regular game update for all users.


List of sub directories of the DLC root:

Kiosk Demo

Differences from Base: Turbo.rpx and App.xml are different in demo. content\common\item.bin is different content\audio\turbo_sound_trial.bfsar only in demo. content\course has a lot of track folders deleted in the demo. content\course\test_WiFitest1\ only in demo. content\ui\cmn\movie both staff roll files are deleted in demo. content\ui\cmn ending.szs, menu.szs are different ending.szs, menu.mbst, race.mbst are different for each language manual.bfma, meta.xml are different. content\debug folder only in demo. some files inside meta are deleted in demo.