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Dokan Course (also known as Pipe Place) is an unused beta track found in the ROM of Mario Kart DS. The track was present, but unplayable without codes, in the kiosk demo; in the final version of the game, it no longer loads with textures. The track was likely made to test driving physics; similar unused levels exist in many other games. The word "dokan" means "pipe" in Japanese. The word is also used for many pipe-related objects in Mario Kart Wii.

Original Version

Currently, there are no versions available.

Names in Other Languages

DS Dokan Course

Chinese (Traditional): -
Chinese (Simplified): -
Dutch: DS Dokanbaan
French (PAL): DS Circuit Dokan
French (NTSC): DS Circuit Dokan
German: DS Dokan-Kurs
Italian: DS Percorso Dokan
Japanese: DS どかんコース
Korean: DS 토관 코스
Portuguese (PAL): DS Circuito Dokan
Portuguese (NTSC): DS Circuito Dokan
Russian: DS Трасса Докан
Spanish (PAL): DS Circuito Dokan
Spanish (NTSC): DS Circuito Dokan

DS Pipe Place

Chinese (Traditional): -
Chinese (Simplified): -
Dutch: DS Pijpenplaats
French (PAL): DS Place Tuyau
French (NTSC): DS Place Tuyau
German: -
Italian: DS Luogo Tubatura
Japanese: -
Korean: -
Portuguese (PAL): -
Portuguese (NTSC): -
Russian: -
Spanish (PAL): DS Lugar Tubería
Spanish (NTSC): DS Lugar Tubería