3DS Shy Guy Bazaar

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Shy Guy Bazaar is a retro race track from Mario Kart 7. It is the last track of the Mushroom Cup. The track later reappeared in Mario Kart Tour.

Original Version
Tour Version

Currently, there are no versions available.

Names in Other Languages

Chinese (Traditional): 3DS 嘿呵嘉年華
Chinese (Simplified): 3DS 嘿虎嘉年华
Dutch: 3DS Shy Guys Bazaar
French (PAL): 3DS Souk Maskass
French (NTSC): 3DS Bazar Maskache
German: 3DS Shy Guys Basar
Italian: 3DS Bazar Tipo Timido
Japanese: 3DS ヘイホーカーニバル
Korean: 3DS 헤이호 카니발
Portuguese (PAL): 3DS Bazar do Masquito
Portuguese (NTSC): 3DS Bazar Shy Guy
Russian: 3DS Маскарад Скромняги
Spanish (PAL): 3DS Bazar Shy Guy
Spanish (NTSC): 3DS Bazar Shy Guy