3DS Rosalina's Ice World

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Rosalina's Ice World is a retro race track from Mario Kart 7. It is the second track of the Special Cup. The track later reappeared in Mario Kart Tour.

Original Version
Tour Version

Currently, there is one version available:

Names in Other Languages

Chinese (Traditional): 3DS 羅潔塔行星
Chinese (Simplified): 3DS 罗莎塔行星
Dutch: 3DS Rosalina's IJsplaneet
French (PAL): 3DS Monde glacé d'Harmonie
French (NTSC): 3DS Monde glacé de Rosalina
German: 3DS Rosalinas Eisplanet
Italian: 3DS Ghiacciaio di Rosalinda
Japanese: 3DS ロゼッタプラネット
Korean: 3DS 로젤리나 플래닛
Portuguese (PAL): 3DS Planeta da Rosalina
Portuguese (NTSC): 3DS Geleira Rosalina
Russian: 3DS Ледяной мир Розалины
Spanish (PAL): 3DS Glaciar de Estela
Spanish (NTSC): 3DS Glaciar de Rosalina