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The BFLIM file format (Binary caFe Layout IMage) is used to store layout images.


The header is at the end of the file (to align the image data without the need for additional padding). It is always 0x14 bytes.

Offset Size Type Description
0x00 4 Char[4] File magic. Always FLIM in ASCII.
0x04 2 UInt16 Byte Order Mark (BOM): 0xFEFF for big endian and 0xFFFE for little endian. Not handled on consoles, so the file data must be stored in the endianness of the target console (e.g. big endian for the Wii U).
0x06 2 UInt16 Header size, always 0x14.
0x08 4 UInt32 Version of this file.
0x0C 4 UInt32 File size in bytes.
0x10 2 UInt16 Number of data blocks, always 0x01.
0x12 2 UInt16 Padding. Seems to reflect upper 2 bytes of filesize (apparently uninitialized memory garbage from file generator).
0x14 End of FLIM header

Image Information

A section containing image information comes directly after header. It is always 0x14 bytes long.

Offset Size Type Description
0x14 4 Char[4] Section magic. Always imag in ASCII.
0x18 4 UInt32 Parse information size (total block size), always 0x10 (this and next 0xC bytes).
0x1C 2 UInt16 Width of the texture in pixels.
0x1E 2 UInt16 Height of the texture in pixels.
0x20 2 UInt16 File alignment, always a power of 2.
0x22 1 Byte Format, how the data is stored.
0x23 1 Byte Tile mode and Swizzle, packed as bits SSSTTTTT.
  • TTTTT maps to GX2TileMode (line 795 here). Typically GX2_TILE_MODE_2D_TILED_THIN1 (4).
  • SSS is the initial swizzle value. Could be anything from 0 to 7.
0x24 4 UInt32 Raw data size, always 0xC minus 0x28 (the header).
0x28 End of Image header


ID Name Type Bits per pixel (bpp)
0x00 R8_UNORM / L8 luminance 8
0x01 R8_UNORM / A8 alpha 8
0x02 R4G4_UNORM / L4A4 luminance+alpha 8
0x03 R8G8_UNORM / L8A8 luminance+alpha 16
0x04 R8G8_UNORM / HILO8 ?? 16
0x05 R5G6B5_UNORM / RGB565 color 16
0x06 RGBA8_UNORM / RGBX8 color 32
0x07 RGB5A1_UNORM / RGB5A1 color+alpha 16
0x08 RGBA4_UNORM / RGBA4 color+alpha 16
0x09 RGBA8_UNORM / RGBA8 color+alpha 32
0x0A BC1_UNORM / ETC1 color 64
0x0B BC3_UNORM / ETC1A4 color+alpha 128
0x0C BC1_UNORM / DXT1 color+alpha 64
0x0D BC2_UNORM / DXT3 color+alpha 128
0x0E BC3_UNORM / DXT5 color+alpha 128
0x0F BC4_UNORM / BC4L / ATI1 (Low-End) luminance 64
0x10 BC4_UNORM / BC4A / ATI1 (High-End) alpha 64
0x11 BC5_UNORM / ATI2 luminance+alpha 128
0x12 BC4_UNORM / L4 luminance 4
0x13 BC4_UNORM / A4 alpha 4
0x14 RGBA8_SRGB / RGBA8 color+alpha 32
0x15 BC1_SRGB / DXT1 color+alpha 64
0x16 BC2_SRGB / DXT3 color+alpha 128
0x17 BC3_SRGB / DXT5 color+alpha 128
0x18 RGB10A2_UNORM / RGB10A2 color+alpha 32
0x19 RGB565_UNORM / RGB565 color 16


The following tools can handle BFLIM files: