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Discord: Warwick92xD#1212
YouTube: Warwick92xD
Facebook: Drogon-Tg
Discord Server: Ww92xD

About the author

Making custom tracks is something I like to do for my own fun. I make retro tracks, custom tracks, difficult maps, crazy tracks, and custom characters about my favorite video games, anime cartoons, series, and movies.

  • Contact me if you need an update or if you find a problem in any of my files to fix it.
  • I can accept custom characters model requests as long as I can make them. (They will be incomplete fast mods just for testing)
  • My videos are recorded in front of the TV with the cell phone, they look bad with a lot of brightness and reflection, preferably download the files so that you can see them better, (If someone can record good quality videos I would appreciate it).
By the same author: Warwick92xD

Custom Tracks:
Warwick's CircuitCrystal WorldHaunter's MansionW92xD First-MK8 CTPokémon ZooAurora FieldMagmatic ZoneSpiral Leaf

Chocobo Racing:
Cid test circuitFFVIII circuit

Custom Characters: