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I am Baoulettes.
A 24 year Custom track creator / porter / player :P
I am a girl or boy really who care :P?
Then I am a French so please pardon my poor English :/.
I maintly work with bone struction and modelling
That is why I will try to never release bad visual map.

Currently Doing :

GCN Bowser's Castle

My Done List :

Nothing yet :)

I contributed in:

Nothing yet I am aware

My ToDo list :

GCN Bowser's Castle :
Model :
Deads Trees
3D Mountains
Lava Flaw (2 planned)
Smashing Bowser room (MK8 one)
3D Signs that left.
Mario Kart Sign in 3D
3D Tower part.
Pipes material according to SMB cave block (blue)
Mesh cleaning (re-group by material.)

If you have any question, talk etc skype me over "mysticia26" I don't bite easly.