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Please see MUUNT Editing/Battle for information on differences of racetrack muunts and battle map muunts.

Course Settings

General settings for the track.


Invisible boxes which can control replay cameras, audio, map object movement, and other things when a player enters them.


Clips are groups of Areas that unload parts of the track when far away from them.

Enemy Path

Paths that control the computer players in VS mode.

Glider Path

Paths that restrict glider movement to a certain direction/width.

Gravity Path

Paths that control anti-gravity.

Intro Camera

Opening cameras in Grand Prix/VS mode.

Item Path

Paths that control items such as blue shells, red shells, and bullet bills.

Jugem Path

Paths that can control Lakitu's movement when respawning you.

Lap Path

Paths that track your position and lap progression around the track, and also act as boundaries where the player will be respawned when trying to exit the path.

Map Object

Track objects such as goombas, item boxes, coins, etc...

Sound Object

Invisible track objects that produce sounds when near it.

Obj Path

Paths used for certain objects, such as a goombas walking direction.



Pull Path

Paths used for moving road, such as the water currents on 3DS Piranha Plant Slide

Replay Camera

Cameras used for replays, MKTV and spectating online.

Steer Assist Path

Only in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Paths used to determine the direction that smart steering forces a player into.