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Creator: Ray Koopa
File Format:
Version: 0.5.1
Date of Latest Version: 2016-07-30
Download: GitHub

io_scene_bfres is a Blender add-on to import BFRES files, released under the MIT license.


It is an unfinished project, supporting the following features yet[1]:

  • Loading the BFRES data and hierarchy completely into memory.
  • Loading FMDL models into Blender meshes. This does not support skeletons or multiple UV layers at this time.
  • Extracting and converting FTEX GTX textures into DDS files with the help of TexConv2. The extracted and converted files are stored in a work folder.

Most importantly, it cannot export models yet.

Installation and Usage

Detailled instructions can be found on the project wiki.