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Discord: Creonea#8487
Youtube: Creonea
CT Downloads: Google Drive

About Me

Hello. I make Mario Kart mods, Mostly for 8DX.

My Mods

Retro CTs
Status Name Date Released Current Version
Released 3DS Rainbow Road 2022-05-15 v1.1
Released 3DS Wario Shipyard 2022-05-21 v2.1
Released Wii Maple Treeway 2022-05-27 v1.0
Track Edits
Status Name Date Released Current Version
Released Mario Kart Stadium R 2022-07-07 v1.0
Released Water Park R 2022-07-07 v1.0
Released Sweet Sweet Canyon R 2022-07-07 v1.0
Released Thwomp Ruins R 2022-07-07 v1.0
Released Wii Moo Moo Meadows R 2022-07-13 v1.0
Released GBA Mario Circuit R 2022-07-13 v1.0
Released DS Cheep Cheep Beach R 2022-07-13 v1.0
Released N64 Toad's Turnpike R 2022-07-13 v1.0
Released Mario Circuit R 2022-07-22 v1.0
Released Toad Harbor R 2022-07-22 v1.0
Released Twisted Mansion R 2022-07-22 v1.0
Released Shy Guy Falls R 2022-07-22 v1.0
Released Canonically Accurate Tour Sydney Sprint 2022-08-05 v1.0
Released GCN Dry Dry Desert R 2022-08-06 v1.0
Released SNES Donut Plains 3R 2022-08-06 v1.0
Released N64 Royal Raceway R 2022-08-06 v1.0
Released 3DS DK Jungle R 2022-08-06 v1.0
Released Shaky GBA Snow Land 2022-08-10 v1.0