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BFLAN (Binary caFe Layout ANimation) is an updated format for BRLAN files on the Wii.

File Header (FLAN)

Offset Size Description
0x00 4 Magic (FLAN)
0x04 2 Byte Order Mark (BOM): 0xFEFF for big endian and 0xFFFE for little endian.
0x06 2 Header size (always 0x14)
0x08 4 Version
0x0C 4 Size of entire file
0x10 2 Number of sections
0x12 2 Unknown.

pat1 Section (???)


BFLAN files have a tree-like structure, FLAN encompasses the whole file, pat1 looks like a header for pai1, pai1 holds all entry data.


Offset Size Description
0x00 4 Magic ("pat1")
0x04 4 Section size (all sub-data)
0x08 4 Unknown, seems to always be 1, probably number of entries
0x0C 4 Offset to first file string (Dunno what used for, always 0x1C?)
0x10 4 Offset to second file string (Dunno what used for)
0x14 4 Unknown, seems to be number of string entries minus 1 (0x14A -> 0x149)
0x18 4 Padding ???


After is two strings, each padded to 4 bytes. After that is a bunch of zeroes (section padded to 8 or 16 bytes? Reference files have 0x44, 0x48, and 0x50 as size.

Texture Pattern (FLTP)


Offset Size Description
0x00 4 Magic (caFe Layout Texture Pattern)
0x04 4 Unknown (Always 0x01000000 ???)
0x08 4 Unknown, usually 0x0C, could be offset or header length
0x0C 4 Unknown (probably flags, usually 0x100)
0x10 2 Number of entries (padded to 4 bytes/shifted ????)
0x14 4 0x0C again, probably another section size


Each entry is 8 bytes, seems to a float, followed by flags (second byte looks like a sorting/matching number with strings).


The following tool can handle BFLAN files: