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Add your news items to Template:News Month 07. It shows all releases made this month.

News Schema
  • For the current year, we have separate templates for each month of the year. Add your news items to Template:News Month 07.
  • The news page of the current year (e.g. News 2024) is only a collection of the months templates.
  • Use the templates News Month 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11 and 12 for new news entries.
  • Template:Main-news is used to display news on the main page. It is based on News 2024 and is updated by a moderator.
  • At the turn of the year, the news page of the previous year is replaced by the concatenated months templates.
Posting rules
  • Put new dates just above older dates.
  • The release date is according to the time zone UTC, which is the wiki default. Use the format YYYY-MM-DD (ISO 8601) for all dates on the Wiiki.
  • Don't write the same date twice. Sort news items made on the same date oldest first.
  • Identify the news item with its version number (v1.0, etc.)
  • All news items must be releases with downloads available. (Other announcements can be added, but must be approved by Wiiki staff. Post the announcement on the talk page for review.)
  • If it is not a custom track, identify the news item as a texture hack, font, character, program, etc.
  • Multiple releases of the same item (v1.0 then v1.1) on the same day should only count the latest release. Move the entry to the bottom of the date, if necessary.
  • The name of the mod or other key words must be in bold text. To make bold text, put three apostrophes in front of the the word you want to make bold, and three after it. ('''track name''')
  • Do not include alternative versions onto the news.
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