DS Desert Hills

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Desert Hills is a retro race track from Mario Kart DS. It is the first track of the Flower Cup. The track later reappeared as the first track of the Leaf Cup in Mario Kart Wii.

Original Version
Wii Version

Currently, there is one version available:

Names in Other Languages

Chinese (Traditional): -
Chinese (Simplified): -
Dutch: DS Woestijnheuvels
French (PAL): DS Désert du Soleil
French (NTSC): DS Désert du Soleil
German: DS Glühheiße Wüste
Italian: DS Deserto Picchiasol
Japanese: DS サンサンさばく
Korean: DS 썬썬 사막
Portuguese (PAL): -
Portuguese (NTSC): -
Russian: DS Пылающая пустыня
Spanish (PAL): DS Desierto Sol-Sol
Spanish (NTSC): DS Desierto Sol-Sol