The Public and Collaborative Nature of this Wiki

Any logged-in user may edit the publicly editable pages of this Wiki. By doing so, editors create a published document and a public record of every word added, subtracted, or changed. This is a public act, and editors are identified as the author of such changes. All contributions made to this Wiki, and all publicly available information about those contributions, are irrevocably licensed and may be freely copied, quoted, reused and adapted by third parties with few restrictions.

Published Works Policy

Your are only allowed to post freely usable content on this wiki. Freely usable does not mean freely changeable. All posted content is to be freely accessible without password or registration on other internet platforms.

The meaning of content includes tracks, fonts, characters, textures, objects, programs and all similar things.

All posted content is the property of its respective creators, including, but not limited to, textures, models, layout and design. Mario Kart is created by Nintendo. The MK8 Wiki is in no way affiliated with Nintendo or its associates.


  • If you are editing another author's work, make a thorough attempt get their permission to release the modified product, or to use parts of their work, such as custom textures or objects.
Exception: If it has been more than six months since an author's last update, it is permissible to update an item to fix bugs and glitches without the original author's permission.
  • Custom content added to the Wiiki can be included in any Distribution unless specifically prohibited by the content's author.