Creator: Lloyd Nabbit
Designer: Refer to GameBanana credits
Version: Delta
Date of latest version: 2018-12-06
Editors used: Abood's Bflim Tool Wexos's Toolbox
Download: GameBanana


CTGP-Universe is a custom track distribution for Mario Kart 8, it features 17 tracks, 12 custom cups, a custom boot screen, custom title screens, meta files and Haxchi files.


This track listing is temporary and may be subject to change.

Track Listing
Cup Track Version Author
Gold Mushroom Cup
Mario Kart Stadium Nintendo
Water Park Nintendo
Rvl Canyon Run JimmyKaz
Thwomp Ruins Nintendo
Boo Cup
Mario Circuit Nintendo
Toad Harbor Nintendo
Twisted Mansion Nintendo
Shy Guy Falls Nintendo
Power Star Cup
Sunshine Airport Nintendo
Dolphin Shoals Nintendo
Mount Wario Nintendo
Crazy 8 Cup
Cloudtop Cruise Nintendo
Bone-Dry Dunes Nintendo
Bowser's Castle Nintendo
Rainbow Road Nintendo
Spiny Shell Cup
Wii Moo Moo Meadows Nintendo
GCN Dino Dino Jungle Lloyd Nabbit
DS Cheep Cheep Beach Nintendo
DS Desert Hills Lloyd Nabbit, JimmyKaz
Shine Cup
N64 Bowser's Castle Royale Advent
3DS Wuhu Loop JimmyKaz
DS Luigi's Mansion victormr21
Wii DK Summit Lloyd Nabbit, KillzXGaming
Gold Leaf Cup
DS Wario Stadium Nintendo
N64 Mario Raceway JimmyKaz, ShadowLink2018
3DS Music Park Nintendo
DS Yoshi Falls Royale Advent, Lloyd Nabbit
Power Moon Cup
DS Tick-Tock Clock Nintendo
Wii Mario Circuit ShadowLink32
SNES Mario Circuit 3 Lloyd Nabbit, Tombwarrior72
DS Bowser Castle Lloyd Nabbit
Boomerang Cup
N64 Kalimari Desert Lloyd Nabbit, JimmyKaz
Excitebike Arena Nintendo
Dragon Driftway Nintendo
Mute City Nintendo
Rupee Cup
Wii Wario's Gold Mine Nintendo
SNES Rainbow Road Nintendo
Ice Ice Outpost Nintendo
Hyrule Circuit Nintendo
Bullet Bill Cup
GCN Baby Park Nintendo
GBA Cheese Land Nintendo
Wild Woods Nintendo
Animal Crossing Nintendo
Super Horn Cup
3DS Neo Bowser City Nintendo
GBA Ribbon Road Nintendo
Super Bell Subway Nintendo
Big Blue Nintendo

Version History

Version Release date Tracks
Alpha 2018-01-12 8 custom tracks, two custom grand prix, two custom characters
Beta 2018-03-05 12 custom tracks, three custom grand prixs, 5 custom characters
Gamma 2018-10-17 14 custom tracks, 12 custom grand prixs, no custom characters
Delta 2018-12-06 17 custom tracks, 12 custom grand prixs, no custom characters