Thwomp Boundaries (Thwomp Ruins Edit)

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Thwomp Boundaries
Creator: GrijzeVos
Designer: Nintendo
Type: Ruins, Object Edit

Editors used: io_scene_mk8muunt
Download: MediaFire


Thwomp Boundaries is an Object Edit course created by GrijzeVos with the io_scene_mk8muunt Blender add-on made by Ray Koopa which was under development at that time.

It offers the following changes:

  • A flower jump pad in the first cave
  • Resized eagle and thwomps (not all)
  • A freaking thwomp mini army
  • A blockade of boxes
  • Giant cannon on a island at the start of the track
  • Some spectators, a gate and other random stuff added for fun
  • A big jump stone at the start
  • Freezies, snowmans and Piranha plants added
  • Giant and extra coins


Version Date of release Information
1.0 2016-09-01 First version


Here a crappy screenshot to at least get the idea:

Thwomp Boundaries.jpg