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Here's Splatoon's version if anyone manages to find this, brackets are for scope, offsets to sections in models start from start of their header

[File header with offsets to octree and model list]
[Octree for each model(?)]
[Models with their own header
    5 Section Offsets
    Unknown float
    First coordinate of the spatial grid (???)
    Mask, XYZ
    Shift, XYZ
    Section 1 (???) [
        8 floats in test file(simple box with 8 vertices in Octree-???)
    Section 2 (???) [
        0x10, looks like 4 floats (0, something, something, 0) ???
    Section 3 (???) [
        0xD8 size, could be 0x1B times 8 floats
    Section 4 (Triangles) [
        Seems to match the 0x14 format, but first value is a float, and every next first value is a number, counting them, one goes to 0xA (Box00S), second goes to 0x60 (Tree00)
        Second value changes very little(looks like hash but probably a valid float), then there's 6 u16s
    Section 5 (???) [
        Single u32, looks like number of tris based on first value above (0xB and 0x61)
        Lots of 0x8000XXXX, with repeats - offset??
        After that, a bunch of u16s, can be 0xFFFF, decodes to most of ASCII

--NWPlayer123 (talk) 00:20, 8 January 2016 (UTC)


What are the flags for walls, roads, and whatnot? They appear to be four digit numbers. --Unsigned comment by ‎Retrostyle12 (talk).