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Welcome to my boring profile.

Boost Tracks

The downloads for boost tracks were temporarily disabled to prevent the ongoing online abuse. I will re-enable them later on.


With the existing documentation of file formats here, I created some more or less finished tools for them (mostly Blender add-ons for 3D data). I also correct those documentations when I experienced obvious errors when implementing them.

Here's the list of tools currently released:

  • CafiineServer: Wii U Cafiine Server with support for encrypted game packs and other additional functionality.
  • io_scene_bfres: Blender add-on for importing Nintendo BFRES models.
  • io_scene_kcl: Blender add-on for importing and editing Nintendo KCL collision models.
  • io_scene_mk8muunt: Blender add-on for visually editing Mario Kart 8 course info files.
  • MarioFart8: Random tools to mod Mario Kart 8 game content.
  • NintenTools: .NET library and tools to load and modify Nintendo file formats.
  • NintenTools.MarioKart8: .NET library and tools to load and modify Mario Kart 8 file formats.


Testing my tools, I also released the following modified game contents:

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