MK8 Network Protocol/USERINFO

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This record is sent when joining a friend room or connecting to a global race. Every player sends this record to the new client and the new client sends this to every player.

typedef struct udp_userinfo_t
  /*20*/   u32		unknown_20; 	// unknown
  /*24*/   data[32]	group_id; 	// group-id ("0_12345678_1")
  /*44*/   data[32]	mii_name; 	// mii name
  /*64*/   u32		mii_name_l; 	// little endian, length of mii name
  /*6c*/   u32		sequence_id; 	// upcounting number, maybe sequence id?
__attribute__ ((packed)) udp_userinfo_t;

The group-id consists of three parts - the first part is always 0, the second part is the actual group-id, the third part is the number of players at the sender's console (1 or 2).