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objflow.byaml is a YAML file found in /content/data/ in the game's filesystem.

ObjFlow contains information about animations, hitboxes, object ids, and each object has it's own set of parameters.

Object Values

These values are assigned to each object, through the element <value>. The attributes and their functions are listed below.

Attribute Name Function
AiReact Says how CPU reacts to something, it can be: ignore (some decorations), try to evit (enemies) or take something (coins)
CalcCut unknown -- can be true or false.
Clip unknown -- can be true or false.
ClipRadius unknown
ColOffsetY unknown
ColShape unknown -- maybe the shape of the collision? seems to be a integer.
DemoCameraCheck unknown -- can be true or false.
LightSetting unknown
Lod1 unknown
Lod2 unknown
Lod_NoDisp unknown
MgrId unknown -- Mgr usually means "Manager", which controls an object.
ModelDraw unknown
ModelEffNo unknown
MoveBeforeSync unknown -- can be true or false.
NotCreate Can be true or false, if false byaml objects spawn everytime in start position if they get displaced as pylons
ObjID This is what connects the entry to a level object. This ID is called within the course_muunt.byaml and that's how it identifies these parameters.
Offset unknown
Origin unknown
PackunEat unknown -- this can be 2 things, the item piranha plant, or the enemy...can be true or false.
PathType unknown
PylonReact unknown
VR Says if the object is a skybox model (all IDs start by 70xx)

Other Type Values

In the YAML contains other data.

<Colsize> defines the collision size for the object.

<Item type> is another type. Lists 12 values in an array.

<ItemObj type> is yet another type. Does the same, lists 12 values in an array.

<Kart type> is another type. However, this only lists 4 entries in an array.

<KartObj type is another kart type. Does the same, lists 4 entries in an array.

<Label type> has the object string name stored into it. It looks like a type rather than an actual string pointing to a model.

<ResName> has the same thing, but this usually points to the model it loads. <Label type> loads a variation, such as the Item Box.

   <Label type="string">MovingItemBox</Label>
   <ResName type="array">
     <value type="string">ItemBox</value>