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This article describes the directory /vol/content/course/Gwii_MooMooMeadows of Mario Kart 8 (PAL release). Read »Filesystem« for an introduction.



Filename File Size File Format
battle_muunt.byaml 2587280 BYAML data
course.bgenv 112281 BGENV post effect
course.bglpbd 4474848 BGLPBD file
course.kcl 4110868 KCL collision model
course.ptcl 782336 PTCL effect
course_mapcamera.bin 45 BIN data
course_maptexture.bflim 262184 BFLIM image
course_model.szs 45264779 YAZ0 compressed BFRES model
course_muunt.byaml 2586008 BYAML data
SNDG_Gwii_MooMooMeadows.bars 1183008 BARS archive