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This article describes the directory /vol/content/course/Gwii_GrumbleVolcano of Mario Kart 8 (PAL release). Read »Filesystem« for an introduction.



Filename File Size File Format
course.bgenv 196577 BGENV post effect
course.bglpbd 3157908 BGLPBD file
course.kcl 7054780 KCL collision model
course.ptcl 1536112 PTCL effect
course_mapcamera.bin 45 BIN data
course_maptexture.bflim 262184 BFLIM image
course_model.szs 35752959 YAZ0 compressed BFRES model
course_muunt.byaml 340652 BYAML data
SNDG_Gwii_GrumbleVolcano.bars 792976 BARS archive