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Hi, my name Is Jimmy (Also known as vatYi) I am a Huge Nintendo Fan and a big Mario Kart Fan!

These are the Custom Tracks I Have tried to load in Mario Kart 8 so Far

Tracks I've Tried to Load So Far
Status Track Reason
Wuhu Loop
SNES Choco Island 1 Track under y=0 (Can't drive, Can Only Bounce)
N64 Sherbet Land Code Dump on Loading Screen
DS Delfino Square Textures appear red, Not able to fix
GCN Mario Circuit
GCN Peach Beach Can not find a .byaml in the game that will spawn me close enough to the ground
Moonview Highway This happens while trying to load it
GBA Luigi Circuit
DS Mario Circuit
N64 Moo Moo Farm
N64 Choco Mountain Can't Drive, Only Bounce
GBA Peach Circuit Abandoned
GCN Peach Crusier Corrupt Textures (Can Not Fix)
GCN Mario Circuit
SMS Delfino Plaza Blender Refuses To Export this Track
Disco Fever .byaml spawns way too high to get to the ground (Tried 13 Diffrent Ones)
GBA Sky Garden Half the model doesn't even get rendered, Not to mention not being able to find a byaml that would spawn me close enough to the ground
Wii Sports Golf Course 3
GBA Boo Lake Game Freezes After counting down from 3
GCN Mushroom Bridge WAY WAY WAY Too Big
DS Yoshi Falls
N64 Koopa Troopa Beach Can't find a .byaml file that will spawn me close enough to the ground
N64 Kalimari Desert Can't find a .byaml file that will spawn me close enough to the ground
Wii Daisy Circuit Red Texture Error (Could Not Fix)
DS Frappe Snowland Can't drive, Only Bounce
Wii Sports Golf Course 7 Way too Big (If i tried to fix anything I Would get a code dump on the loading screen)
GBA Battle Course 2 Completely Corrupted Textures, and on top of that The game loaded all of them red
DS Test Circuit Tfw The most Simplest CT Ever Doesn't work correctly, And the textures are loaded red
GBA Shy Guy Beach Could not get the Water SRT Texture Animation Working. I got a code dump every time I attempted to get it to work
DS Dokan Course Can't Drive, Only Bounce and Textures showed up red
Thwomp Swamp DP3 Bridges or a Gravity Section are needed to Complete the track/make it completely playable