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*'''[[RoGamer]]''' released v1.0 of '''[[Daytime Bone-Dry Dunes (Bone-Dry Dunes Texture)|Daytime Bone-Dry Dunes]]''', v1.0 of '''[[Toad Harbor at Night (Toad Harbor Texture)|Toad Harbor at Night]]''', v1.0 of '''[[Mount Wario at Night (Mount Wario Texture)|Mount Wario at Night]]''', and v1.0 of '''[[CPU AI Edit]]'''.
* [[User:Tombwarrior72|Tombwarrior]], [[User:Lloyd Nabbit|Lloyd Nabbit]] and [[User:vatYi|vatYi]] updated '''[[SNES Mario Circuit 3]]''' to v2.0.
*'''[[Delphox]]''' released v1.1 of '''[[Dead-Dry Dunes (Bone-Dry Dunes Edit)|Dead-Dry Dunes]]''', v1.0 of '''[[Del Circuit (GBA Mario Circuit Edit)|Del Circuit]]''', v1.0 of '''[[Rush Hour (DS Tick-Tock Clock Edit)|Rush Hour]]''', and v1.0 of '''[[GBA-SNES Rainbow (SNES Rainbow Road Edit)|GBA-SNES Rainbow]]'''.
* [[Wexos]] released v1.0 of '''[[SMO Snowline Circuit]]'''.
* [[PeeJay Bonobo]] released v1.0 of '''[[Blood Hawk (Blue Falcon Texture)|Blood Hawk]]''' and '''[[Heracross (Streetle Texture)|Heracross]]'''.
* [[Wexos]] and [[Atlas]] released v1.1 of '''[[DS Rainbow Road]]'''.
* [[Koops7]] released v1.0 of '''[[Snifit (Shy Guy Texture)|Snifit]]'''.
* [[User:Hefty|Hefty]] released v1 of the character '''[[SpongeBob SquarePants]]'''.
* [[Koops7]] released v1.0 of '''[[Toad Color Pack (Toad Texture)|Toad Color Pack]]'''.
* [[Atlas]] released v1.0 of the vehicle '''[[SM3DW Bowser Mobile]]'''.
* [[Delphox]] released v1.0 of '''[[Kaizo Castle (Bowser's Castle Edit)|Kaizo Castle]]'''
* [[Lloyd Nabbit]] updated the custom track distribution '''[[CTGP-U]]''' to Beta.
* [[Koops7]] released v1.0 of '''[[Baby Wario (Baby Mario Texture)|Baby Wario]]'''.
* [[Wexos]] updated '''[[DS Shroom Ridge]]''' to v1.2.
* [[Ray Koopa]] released v1.0 of '''[[Dolphin Shoals (Boost Track)]]'''.
* [[User:Stewie1.0|Stewie1.0]] released a Beta of '''[[HMPDFT Like the Wind]]'''.
* [[Ray Koopa]] released v1.0 of '''[[Sunshine Airport (Boost Track)]]'''.
* [[User:Retrostyle12|Retrostyle12]] released a preview of '''[[SMBT&R Alpine Route]]'''.
* [[Atlas]] released v1.0 of the vehicle '''[[Standard Kart GPDX]]'''.
* [[Ray Koopa]] released v1.0 of '''[[Shy Guy Falls (Boost Track)]]'''.
* [[Wexos]] and [[Atlas]] released v1.1 of '''[[Island Cliff]]'''.
* [[Ray Koopa]] released v1.0 of '''[[Twisted Mansion (Boost Track)]]'''.
* [[Lloyd Nabbit]] released an Alpha of the Custom Track Distribution '''[[CTGP-U]]'''.

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Add your news items to News 2020. It shows all releases made this year.

Template:Main-news is used to display news on the Main Page. It is based on News 2020, but is updated by a moderator.

  • Put new dates just above older dates.
  • Don't write the same date twice. Sort news items made on the same date oldest first.
  • Use the format YYYY-MM-DD (ISO 8601) for all dates on the Wiiki.
  • Identify the news item with its version number (v1.0, etc.)
  • All news items must be releases with downloads available. (Other announcements can be added, but must be approved by Wiiki staff. Post the announcement on the talk page for review.)
  • If it is not a Custom Track, identify the news item as a Texture, Font, Character, Program, etc.
  • Multiple releases of same item (v1.0 then v1.1) on the same day should be included as one News entry.
  • The track name or other key word must be in bold text. To make bold text, put three apostrophes in front of the the word you want to make bold, and three after it. ('''track name''')

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