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| [[Rosalina Yellow Dress (Rosalina Texture)|Rosalina Yellow Dress]]
| [[Rosalina Yellow Dress (Rosalina Texture)|Rosalina Yellow Dress]]
| [[RafaMario]]
| [[Rosalina Pink Dress (Rosalina Texture) |Rosalina Pink Dress]]
| [[RafaMario]]
| [[RafaMario]]

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Title Author
Angel Lakitu PeeJay Bonobo
Black & Purple Mario Harmonia
Blue Koopa Harmonia
Blue Link Flay_51
Cosmic Rosalina RafaMario
Daisy Bike Suit Blue RafaMario
Daisy Costume Toon Rudy
Dark Bowser Flay_51
Dark Peach Bike Suit ffdgh
Fire Baby Mario Mariovariable3410
Fire Mario Harmonia
Fire Peach RafaMario
Fire Toad RafaMario
Fire Rosalina RafaMario
Gold Peach RafaMario
Baby RosaPeach RafaMario
White Tanooki Mario RafaMario
Goron Tunic Link Flay_51
Grand Dad Flay_51
Ice Luigi mytDRAGON
Lewd Vig PeeJay Bonobo
Orange Koopa Harmonia
Pink Koopa Harmonia
Purple Dress Rosalina RafaMario
Purple Koopa Harmonia
Red Koopa Harmonia
Red Link mytDRAGON
Red Mega Man FlashWebster
Rosalina Yellow Dress RafaMario
Rosalina Pink Dress RafaMario
Yellow Koopa Harmonia


Title Author
D.Bowser Falcon Zerashi
Dark Jet Bike ffdgh
Dark P Wing ffdgh
Fiery Badwagon PeeJay Bonobo
Galaxy Falcon mytDRAGON
Galaxy Glider mytDRAGON
Red Falcon Harmonia
Red Falcon ThePY06