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This article contains a list of file formats in Mario Kart 8. For a comparison with Mario Kart Wii see Comparison of Mario Kart 8 and Mario Kart Wii File Formats.

Mario Kart 8 file formats

This table contains a list of file formats found in Mario Kart 8:

Name Description
BFFNT Font files used to display text.
BFLIM BFLIM is an image file format used for menus.
BFRES Object files, containing model, animation, and texture information on an object, such as an itembox, a character or a course.
BFSAR Sound archive file for small sound effects.
BFSTM Music files used by Mario Kart 8.
BGENV Posteffect information.
BGLPBD Unknown.
BYAML A generic data container format, like a binary version of XML.
CPSD Probably Mii related data.
FMDL Model data and usually a sub file of BFRES archives.
FTEX FTEX files are texture files and usually a sub file of BFRES archives.
GSH Compiled graphics shader.
KCL Collision information files containing information about when and how objects collide with a course or object.
MSBT Message files containing localized text for use in game screens and menus.
PTCL Unknown.
SARC File archive with a hierarchical file system. Most used together with Yaz0 compression and stored as SZS file. Otherwise often seen with the BARS extension.
YAZ0 Compressed files with any data. SZS files are mostly YAZ0 files.
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