Incendia Castle

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Incendia Castle
Creator: MrBean35000vr and Chadderz
Designer: MrBean35000vr
Type: Fiery Castle
Version: Unfinished
Release date:
Editors used: Blender, Microsoft Expression Design, GIMP, yamlconv, MrBean's Magical BFRES corrupter, CTools KCL Editor mod
Download: [{{{download 1}}} {{{download 1}}}]


Incendia Castle is a remake of an early MKWii CT by MrBean35000vr and Chadderz. The design and layout of the track remain largely the same, but now incorporate some features of Mario Kart 8 such as gliders. There will also be a signficant graphical improvement, with the track being fully modelled as well as incoprorating advanced features such as normal maps, specular mapped and shadow maps. It is intended to be the first Mario Kart 8 Custom Track.


Media will be released once the first in-game screenshots become available.

Version History

Version Date of release Information
Not yet released.

Names in Other Languages

The translated names for this track:

Dutch: Incendiakasteel
French: Château Incendia
German: Incendia-Festung
Italian: Castello Incendia
Japanese: インセンディアキャッスル
Korean: 인센디아 성
Portuguese: Castelo Incendia
Spanish: Castillo Incendia
Greek: Κάστρο Ινσένδια
Polish: Zamek Incendia
Finnish: Palava linna
Swedish: Incendiaslottet
Czech: Hrad Incendia
Albanian: -
Danish: -
By the same author: MrBean35000vr


Custom Tracks:
Incendia Castle

Texture Hacks:
Icy Thwomp RuinsGCN Dry Dry Grassland

By the same author: Chadderz


Custom Tracks:
Incendia Castle

Texture Hacks:
Icy Thwomp Ruins

mkw:Incendia Castle