GBA Mario Autumnal Circuit (GBA Mario Circuit Texture)

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GBA Mario Autumn Circuit
Texture Author: Mariovariable3410
Type: Autumn, Sunset, Texture Hack
Version: Beta
Date of Latest Version:


GBA Mario Autumnal Circuit is an almost whole Texture Hack of GBA Mario Circuit. It's made by changing the skybox with the one from N64 Yoshi Valley, and the color of all grass and tree textures are changed from green to orange/brownish.


GBAMarioAutumnalCircuit1.jpg GBAMarioAutumnalCircuit2.jpg


  • The starting line, the off-road and the background hills textures appear glitched when the track is played, especially when the former hasn't even changed.

Version History

Version Date of release Information
Preview 2016-06-14 First of announcement
By the same author: Mariovariable3410

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