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This article describes the directory /vol/content/course/Gu_Expert of Mario Kart 8 (PAL release). Read »Filesystem« for an introduction.



Filename File Size File Format
course.bgenv 174953 BGENV post effect
course.bglpbd 7422336 BGLPBD file
course.kcl 9323120 KCL collision model
course.ptcl 1137632 PTCL effect
course_mapcamera.bin 45 BIN data
course_maptexture.bflim 262184 BFLIM image
course_model.szs 54217337 YAZ0 compressed BFRES model
course_muunt.byaml 346324 BYAML data
SNDG_Gu_Expert.bars 1611680 BARS archive