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| 0x8C
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| Unknown.
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The FTEX texture format is a format for textures which appears as a subfile of a BFRES file.

Header (FTEX)

Every FTEX file begins with an 0xC0 byte FTEX header that starts with the file identifier, followed by info about the image.

Offset Size Description
0x00 4 "FTEX" File identifier, ASCII string.
0x04 4 Dimension. Indicates the "shape" of a given surface or texture (see line 849 here).
0x08 4 Texture Width. Width of the texture in pixels.
0x0C 4 Texture Height. Height of the texture in pixels.
0x10 4 Depth.
0x14 4 Number of Mipmaps.
0x18 4 Texture Format. Go to line 589 on this page for explanation and format values.
0x1C 4 AA Mode. Indicates the AA mode (number of samples) for the surface (see line 865 here).
0x20 4 Usage. Indicates how the given surface may be used (see line 823 here).
0x24 4 Data Length. Length of texture data in bytes.
0x28 4 Data Pointer?
0x2C 4 Mipmaps Data Length. Length of mipmaps data in bytes.
0x30 4 Mipmaps Pointer?
0x34 4 Tile Mode. Indicates the desired tiling mode for the surface (see line 795 here).
0x38 4 Swizzle Value.
0x3C 4 Alignment. Always 512 * bytes per pixel.
0x40 4 Pitch.
0x44 0x0D Mip Offset. Offset for each mipmap?
0x51 0x2B Unknown. Mipmaps related. (Always 0 in textures with no mipmaps)
0x7C 4 Number of Mipmaps. Again...
0x80 4 Unknown. Always 0.
0x84 4 Unknown. Always 1.
0x88 4 Unknown. Always 0x00010203. (Is this some kind of a pattern? 00->01->02->03)
0x8C 0x14 Unknown.
0xB0 4 Data Offset. Offset to the texture data. Relative to this field.
0xB4 4 Mipmap Offset. Offset to the mipmap texture data. Relative to this field. 0 if not present.
0xB8 8 unknown
0xC0 End of FTEX header

Incomplete header documentation. Last 8 words (32 bytes) seem to change per file. Offset 160 (dec) from FTEX header always seems to be zero, followed by a single byte (value of 1), 3 padding bytes, then a relative offset to the string table, then a relative offset to UnknownDataA, a relative offset to UnknownDataB, a relative offset to unknown DataC, and then two more unknowns (usually zero).