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Creator: Lloyd Nabbit
Designer: Refer to gamebanana credits
Type: Custom Track Distribution
Version: Alpha
Release date: 2018-01-12
Editors used: Abood's Bflim Tool Wexos's Toolbox
Download: https://gamebanana.com


CTGP-Universe is a custom track distribution for Mario Kart 8, it features 8 tracks, 2 Grand Prixs,a Custom Boot screen, Custom Title Screens, meta files, haxchi files, 2 driver models and ui edits

Version History

Version Release date Tracks
Alpha 2018-01-12 3DS Wuhu Loop, DS Yoshi Falls, Wii Mario Circuit, N64 Mario Raceway, Wii DK Summit, Rvl Canyon Run, DS Luigi's Mansion and N64 Bowser's Castle