BFSTM (File Format)

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The BFSTM file format is an updated spec from its predecessor, BRSTM. It contains audio streams in uncompressed ADPCM.

There is a header section along with an INFO, SEEK, and DATA section.

File Header

The file starts with a typical header structure.

Offset Size Description
0x00 4 Magic Bytes (FSTM)
0x04 2 Byte Order Mark (0xFEFF for Big Endian)
0x06 2 Header Size (always 0x40)
0x08 4 Unknown Constant (always 0x30000)
0x0C 4 Size of Entire File
0x10 4 Unknown Constant (always 0x30000)
0x14 4 Section 0 Flag (0x40000000)
0x18 4 INFO Offset (always 0x40)
0x1C 4 INFO Size (always 0x100)
0x20 4 Section 1 Flag (0x40010000)
0x24 4 SEEK Offset (always 0x140)
0x28 4 SEEK Size
0x2C 4 Section 2 Flag (0x40020000)
0x30 4 DATA Offset
0x34 4 DATA Size
0x38 8 Padding
0x40 End of file header