AAMP (File Format)

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Offset Size Description
0x00 4 "AAMP" File Identifier, ASCII string.
0x04 4 Unknown1, always 0x01000000?
0x08 4 Unknown2, always 0x01000000?
0x0c 4 File size, in little endian.
0x10 4 Version.
0x14 4 Type length, length of the type string.
0x18 Type length Type, type of this AAMP file, string.


Identifier Description
0x00 Boolen (1 byte)
0x01 Float (4 bytes)
0x02 Integer (4 bytes)
0x03 2 Floats, Coordinates (8 bytes)
0x04 3 Floats, Coordinates (12 bytes)
0x05 4 Floats, Coordinates (16 bytes)
0x06 4 Floats, Colors (16 bytes)
0x07 String (32 bytes)
0x08 String (64 bytes)
0x09 Unknown (128 bytes)
0x0c  ?Array? with floats


The following tools can handle AAMP files: