AAMP (File Format)

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Offset Size Description
0x00 4 "AAMP" File Identifier, ASCII string.
0x04 4 Unknown1, always 0x01000000?
0x08 4 Unknown2, always 0x01000000?
0x0c 4 File size, in little endian
0x10 4 Unknown3, always 0x00000000?
0x14 4 length string, for file extension without "b"
0x18 length string file extension without "b"


Identifier Description
0x00 Binary
0x01 Float (IEEE754)(=Little Endian)
0x03 2 Floats (IEEE754)(=Little Endian)
0x04 3 Floats (IEEE754)(=Little Endian)
0x06 4 Floats (IEEE754)(=Little Endian) , Vertices? Shader? Coordinates?
0x07 String
0x08 String + ?unknown
0x0c  ?Array? with floats